Dear Athletes,

Ruben is home again He stayed overnight in the hospital and has to get his strenght back. He thanks every one for the support.

Dear Athletes,

We hope you are still in good health.

We try to organize this event once again this year 2022. September 10 and 11

We have 36 persons for the double decathlon now. New entries will be put on a waiting list. For more info see the competitors page

Ger and Otto


Sportring 12
2616 LK Delft

For accommodation and other things to do in the beautiful city of Delft you can check out For all information you can always contact the organization at For information about the entry forms for the competitors see the ‘competitor’ section on this website.

General info

The double decathlon for the men consists of all events from the traditional decathlon, completed with the ten other track events:
the 3.000 meters, hammer throw, 3.000 meter steeplechase, 400 meter hurdles, 5.000 meters, triple jump, 200 meters, 800 meters, 200 meter hurdles and the 10.000 meters.
For the exact order of these events see the (temporary) time schedule.

The double heptathlon for women is a normal heptathlon, but including the following extra events: 1.500 meters, 400 meter hurdles, 100 meters, 400 meters, 200 meter hurdles, discus throw and the 3.000 meters.

On yearly basis you can find about three or four double multievents, mostly organized in Finland, Great Britain, Estonia or the United States. One of those competitions is the World Championship, which was held in recent years on the IAAF-track in Gateshead (GB, 2004) , Lynchburg (USA, 2005), Bendigo (AUS, 2006), Jyvaskyla (FIN, 2007), Scheessel (GER, 2008), Delft (NED, 2009), Lynchburg (USA, 2010), Lisse (NED, 2011), Turnhout (BEL, 2012), Yeovill (GBR, 2013), Delft (NED, 2018) .The first EC was held in Lodi (ITA, 2014).  From this year on European Championship and World Championship will be held every other year.

The men´s world record was set in 2010 in Lynchburg (USA), where the American athlete Joe Detmer established an incredible 14.571 points. The old record was standing since 2002, when Kip Janvrin from the US scored 14.185 points, a world best on those two days of very tough competition. For their specific results I refer to the ´results´-button on the front page of this website. Here you can find all other national and international leading results.

For the competitors the double decathlon and double heptathlon will be an enormous challenge, where experience in the multievent will have to be matched with great stamina and technique. The athlete who will have the greatest power to last and to recover will have the best chance to win the event. All athletes from various countries who are competing that weekend will do everything to break their personal best or even their (own) national records.

The preparations and organization in Delft are in full progress which you can read and see on this website. There will be frequent updates and more information coming on this website every time it’s needed.

The organization will do everything to organize an absolutely attractive and unique sports event for the public, the media and first of all, the competitors.


4 Responses to Information

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi 🙂 Do you already know if there is going to be an Icosathlon in Delft in 2023?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks everybody for Delft’s Icosathlon ! Perhaps for the next session in 2023.
    jean-Pieeeeeeeer ;-))

  3. gforcegeraldine says:

    Hi I am looking to confirm a place still in the 20 event where I will hood to brake the world record if you will allow me to compete with covid still at bay it is looking very likely delph will take place. Many thanks
    Geraldine Finegan

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