IAAF rules for Combined Events.

Additional rules:

  • 20kamp_2019_09_14_001aAll Track Events must be completed (This means that a participant who doesn´t finish a track event or is disqualified, is not allowed to continue the tournament).
  • The pole vault is limited to 6 attempts per athlethe.
  • Steeplechase: all age categories must jump over the same height at the water jump

Additional information:

Scoring Tables*:


  • IAAF Scoring Tables for Combined Events (1985);
  • IAAF/WAVA scoring tables for weight pentathlon;
  • Scoring tables for men´s 800 m, 400 m hurdles, triple jump by V. Trkal;
  • Scoring tables for 3000 m, 5000 m, 10000 m, steeplechase and
    200 m hurdles by R. Karasmaa.

* All according to the international double multi-events site:


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